Registration and Participant Info

The entry fee for each team is $75 which supports the infrastructure of the run: things like the magnetic rally logos or clings the cars wear, the route guides, badges, and the cost of promoting the run itself like mailing, the web site, etc. Each two person team pays for its own expenses, so figure 600 miles worth of fuel, hotel rooms for 3 days, and meals. You will pay your own expenses so you can be as lavish or frugal as you choose. The hotel rates will be negotiated to be very favorable and you will book them directly. These are the participant costs.

Additionally, we have set a goal of each team to raise $500 for our partner charity, Roundup River Ranch. The $500 number is a goal, not a requirement. Some will raise more, some less. Hopefully every team will be able to contribute something to this worthy cause, so it's all good. All donations are 100% tax deductible and go 100% to the charity. The money you raise or contribute won’t have one penny deducted from it.