Driving for Kids 2019 - The Route

We at Driving for Kids World Headquarters are contemplating a fourth day in 2019, our fourth year, to enable us to visit one of Colorado’s great roads almost to the Utah border. This planned extra day will still be less than 200 miles to allow the same pace and stops to which we are accustomed, and will permit us time to visit a wonderful car guy place we know you will enjoy.

Because there are two sections of road that remain unfinished on this tentative route, (though they are currently under improvement) we cannot release the precise route until we have driven it which will be late next spring after snow melt. If these road sections are not suitable for our old cars the route will still be really good, just not amazing, so bear with us for the announcement and save the dates for September 21-24, 2019 and join us on the fourth annual Driving for Kids.